Alleyn Club Yearbook 2017

What challenges has socialmedia brought? Social media has had both positive and negative effects. Unfortunately the lack of control that social media has attached to it has created another avenue for bullying, and victimisation. This has led to more avenues for the possible exclusion of boys from the school. Looking at the more positive side of it, it has improved connections, communication and contact.

Has the averageDulwich boy changed and if so how? To begin with, there is no such thing as an average DC boy. They are all above-average! I feel that the College has grown to be more outward looking in terms of the charities it supports and has become more well-rounded. 4 Cricket or rugby? 5 What is your favourite food? Roast beef, yorkshire pudding and all the trimmings. 8

Bestmoments? Dulwich has created so many memorable moments for me. In particular the many and various responses to Henry Fraser's appeal, Twickenham triumphs and meeting Jacqui. A favourite of mine was seeing DUCKS grow from small crèche beginnings and seeing three sons through the College. The brilliant services that accompanied both Founder’s Day and Remembrance Day.

Cricket is my passion but I love rugby, particularly for the pleasure it has brought to my sons over the years.


What is the one thing you cando better than anyone else you know? I never think I could do anything better than anyone else…although I can cook a mean shepherd’s pie!

7 What advicewould you give to your 16-year-old self? Don’t expect too much. Don’t attempt too little. Be less critical of your parents.


What have you enjoyed most about your time Dulwich? I thoroughly enjoyed running the cricket 1st XI, a sport that I dearly love. Developing relationships between staff and pupils and being a Boarding Housemaster. I enjoyed being asked to act in staff/pupil plays!

Youhave hadmany roles at Dulwich, Master i/c of Hockey, Master i/c of Cricket, BoardingHousemaster, President of theCommonRoom, DeputyMaster Pastoral which role have you feltmost job satisfaction? All have been of interest but nothing can beat seeing a bruised apple ripen and get stronger.


What is your favourite book? Vanity Fair by William Makepeace Thackeray.

What variety is there in your job? A huge amount, that’s what makes it so fascinating. People are complex. It has been hugely rewarding to resolve issues. so have been teaching off and on for 43 years; teaching is a way of life and life is challenging. 13 WhatmakesDulwich such a good school? Its ethos, its diversity, its ability to enhance, change and yet respect its culture and inheritance. The boys’ ability to accept difference and to create a model for the world. 14 15 What one thingwill youmiss? 2 What challenges have you faced through your teaching career? I started out in 1973


Howdo you relax? Gardening, fishing, writing and watching my sons play sport.

The Dulwich community-all staff and boys. Sunlight on the Barry buildings.


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