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New banking ecosystem

LendingMetrics is one of ten leading FinTechs to be involved in next generation banking ecosystem Tysl

LendingMetrics are proud to be one of ten of the UK's leading FinTechs involved in the innovative Tysl banking ecosystem, a collaboration of solu- tions including software, automation, AI, data management and more. In an impressive demonstration of the utilisation of technology, PwC brought together the group of industry leading FinTechs to showcase the future of next generation banking. The API-en- abled approach means different soft- ware applications are able to easily communicate with each other, allowing businesses to collaborate effective- ly and improve performance across a range of key measures. The Tysl ecosystem took three years to build, and allows customers to open bank accounts, obtain special- ised finance, move house and digital - ly sign documents. Users can use it with complex customer journeys such

as KYC (Know Your Customer) and credit decisioning, across a number of sectors including mortgages, savings and corporate lending. These digital solutions are available via a modern, low cost and customer-focussed digital lending platform, which allows firms to transform their customer facing opera- tions, enhancing products and services to meet the expectations of a modern world. 'Banking is changing, people expect more and require personalised digital interactions. Based on the needs and expectations of tomorrow’s cus- tomers, we have developed our Tysl platform', said James Morgan, Lead Partner on Tysl. PwC strived to find the best in class companies to work with for each element of the journey, and the Tysl platform can be integrated via any of the collaborators. 'This is helping our clients reach new customers, upsell and grow topline revenue by delivering

enhanced capabilities whilst signifi - cantly reducing the costs of servicing the client from onboarding to in life servicing', said James Morgan. Along- side LendingMetrics, these collabora- tors include Credit Kudos , a challeng- er reference agency that can provide a comprehensive view of a borrower's affordability and creditworthiness, and Codat , a financial integrations business that connects the tools and services of operations and finance service provid - ers of SMEs. LendingMetrics' multi-award-winning Auto Decision Platform (ADP) forms an integral part of the Tysl ecosystem by providing a unique decision engine environment. ADP can be applied across unlimited brands, products or lending journeys under one licence and provides a comprehensive (no-code) editor, allowing non-technical staff to make real time changes to credit risk logic.

The events of the past 15 months have been tough on us all, but many indus- tries have weathered the storm and the end of restrictions is in sight.

Now, it's your time to go on that much needed summer break; it's your time to hug your loved ones; it's your time to finance that new car you've had your eye on.

Whatever your circumstances, it's now your time to make up for those missed opportunities as we begin to return to normality and look to the future ahead.

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