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The Best Halloween Movies on Disney+


Pop some popcorn and break out the candy corn because it’s time for a spooky family movie night! Disney+ offers a treasure trove of Halloween movies with just the right amount of tricks and treats. Here are a few of the best Halloween movies you can watch on Disney+ right now.

This movie is a charming twist on the classic horror story! When a young boy loses his faithful dog, he uses the power of mad science to bring the pooch back to life. What follows is a strange and heartwarming stop-motion adventure about the love between a boy and his dog. Some scenes may be a little intense for young children, but “Frankenweenie” never becomes too scary for kids to enjoy.


When 13-year-old Marnie and her siblings follow their grandmother home on Halloween night, they make some surprising discoveries. Not only does their grandmother live in Halloweentown, a place where monsters lead normal lives, but their whole family is secretly a bunch of witches! Marnie must learn to rely on the magic of family in order to save her grandmother and all of Halloweentown. If your family enjoys “Halloweentown,” you’ll be glad to know that all three of its sequels are also on Disney+!


appropriate for young children. However, the way this film balances comedy and humor makes it a perfect Halloween thrill for older kids. These are just a few of the creepy and cool Halloween movies streaming on Disney+. When you’re done with these, scroll through the catalog to find some more new favorites. Happy Halloween!

Max and his family have just moved from California to Salem, Massachusetts, when Max accidentally resurrects three evil witches. To save his little sister, Max must team up with his new crush and a talking cat to stop the witches’ reign of terror. “Hocus Pocus” does contain some truly frightening scenes, so it may not be

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Spooky Strawberry Ghosts These adorable chocolate-dipped strawberry ghosts will be the stars of your Halloween party!

Ingredients • 16 oz white chocolate, chopped • 24 strawberries • 1 package mini dark chocolate chips

Directions 1. In a microwave-safe bowl, heat the white chocolate at 50% power for 30 seconds. Remove it and stir, then repeat the process until melted. 2. Lay out a sheet of parchment paper. 3. One by one, dip the strawberries into the melted white chocolate and set them on the parchment. Allow the extra chocolate to pool to form a “tail” effect. 4. Before the chocolate coating fully cools, add three mini chocolate




chips to each berry to form two eyes and a mouth. 5. Let chocolate set, then serve your spooky snacks!


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