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This year, we combined with the other reunion groups as the 41 Years On reunion. Unfortunately, Covid again had an impact, preventing our Auckland-based members from attending, as well as those living overseas. Our group attended all the formal College functions, including the not so formal Fat Eddie’s on The Terrace, and we held our own private dinner at the Canterbury Club, with our wives and partners. It was a true celebration of how – 41 years ago – we were put together as a group and how the bonds forged then have shaped us into who we are today. Technology enabled us to hear from some of our overseas-based brothers. Rick Harris, who lives in Canada, sent a very good video, remembering our year group’s, and his, achievements when at College. Richard Pagey sent a short video from the US, while Nils Coberger – currently training New Zealand skiers in Europe – sent a video of deep powder snow and open roaring fireplaces. Jeremy Rookes, as always, provided a very humorous speech, recalling – among other things – all the nicknames of the teachers in our day. Later in the evening, we were joined by many lads from the 40 Years On group. All in all, it was a fantastic weekend and I very much look forward to the next time we have the opportunity to get together as a group, which will be at College’s 175th anniversary in 2025.

33 participants for the weekend events, starting with the cocktail party and AGM on Friday night, followed by a rendezvous at the Carlton tavern, which brought back memories. A lesser number attended the school tour, photo and lunch in the Dining Hall, hosted by the school, and enabling us to meet with the other reunion groups. Then followed an interesting walk around the “new” school with architect Alec Bruce from our year, commenting on the new edifices arising after the 2010–11 earthquakes. A very different College from 50 years ago. The Saturday night dinner was left to volunteers to organise. Doug Anderson and myself volunteered and met with Alumni Manager Lizzie Dyer to scrutinise the 1971 Old Boys’ list. Peter Davidson and Dermot Martin climbed on board to help and between us we were able to arrange a very amusing and enjoyable evening at the Airforce Museum Brevet Lounge in Wigram. Rick Hallifax was the entertaining MC for the night, starting off with a competition for the youngest-looking Old Boy among us. The winner won a free trip around the world, to be used within one month! Mike Broome won the day. A very funny ode recalling the five years at College was presented by David Peers, with contributions from John Saunders. Lots of laughs. Guy Sargent then gave his entertaining recollections as a boarder. Gavin White proposed a toast to those who had passed away during the 50 years. Very sad to hear the relatively high number for our year. We then had Mike Cordery beam in from London to give us a rendition of his 10 commandments for surviving a College career. Sunday morning brunch was kindly held at Dermot and Debbie Martin’s lovely house in Clifton, overlooking Sumner and the estuary. A beautiful day to enjoy a sumptuous brunch and reflect on the weekend. Thanks must go to Dermot, Doug and Pete for putting their hands up to organise a memorable weekend. Also Jeremy Smith for the very appropriate Party World decorations. Thanks to Lizzie for keeping in touch and leading from the front under difficult times. And finally, big thanks to colleagues who made the effort to attend and enjoy the reunion. Already there are rumours of another reunion sooner rather than later, as we’re not dead yet!

Blue Henderson (9710)

50 Years On

A very entertaining weekend eventuated after a shaky start when organising the 50 Years On reunion Christmas holidays, Waitangi weekend and a pandemic made it problematic and challenging. We ended up with Back Row: Geoff Sharp, Phil Deans, Neil Allen, Ian Gordon, Michael Williams, Peter Webb Middle Row: Mike Cottrell, William Taylor, Matthew Reid, Robert Sinclair Thompson, Guy Sargent, Chris Menzies, Alec Bruce Front Row: Henry Bell, Tim Wilding, Michael Barker, Tim Ward, Douglas Anderson, Stephen Purchas

Tim Ward (8559)

College Issue 40 2021


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