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60 Years On

70 Years On

What a brilliant weekend for the annual Christ's College reunions. In our 60 Years On group, we started with 131 pupils in 1961 and 50 attended the weekend events, along with 21 apologies and nine overseas emails saying what had happened to them over the past 60 years. Several others also spoke about their College life. Front Row: Sam Neill, Alistair Edmond, Ian Johns, Paddy Helmore, John Midgley, Martin Vincent, Kelvin Lynn, Charles Waldegrave, Jeremy Westenra, David Blair, Alister Deans, Nicholas Anderson, Tim Anderson, Arthur Blakely Back Row: Don Pickering, Anthony Plummer, Tim Williams, Derek Kirk, Nigel Taylor, David Murchison, Milne Cameron, Christopher Pennell, Derek Newman, David Hutton, Kit Sandall Middle Row: Richard Sharpe, Tony Norbert-Munns, Michael Smail, Mike Underhill, Drummond Thompson, Blair McMaster, Chris Hartnell, Bill Rutherford, Gordon Fulton, David Strack, John Wall, Ed Shand, Jock Innes

Our 70 Years On reunion was attended by 12 83-year- olds, plus partners, who all turned up for Saturday's photo, tour of College and luncheon in the Dining Hall. We were all seated at the top table, and were joined by Roger Turner for these two events, plus one 93-year-old. We, the “dignitaries” looking down (but only half of us, as the others had their backs to it), could see several hundred of our juniors hogging into the very fine ribeye and roast vegetables. (What? No BDSTS or EJ! Times have changed, and so has the food.) All 12, plus wives (I say wives as the names of the previous intimated partners seemed to coincide with the old fellas) attended dinner at the Curator’s House, where, after another photo, another very fine meal was enjoyed, even though capacity was quickly reached. On a lovely sunny Sunday, most of us turned up to Mona Vale for more food. We thought it was to be brunch, so some of us chose to forgo breakfast, expecting bacon and eggs or waffles and maple syrup – but no, it was a full, three-course luncheon. Some of the wiser ones omitted their fish chowder to make room for roast lamb rump, followed by dessert and coffee. You may think the weekend was all about food. This may be true but we did have a great old chinwag between our small, hardy group, with a fair amount of reminiscing. It was great to see Peter Collins for the first time at a reunion as he spent much of his life in Australia. Other regular attendees over the decades have been Jim Dawson, Rostyn Jones, Neil McFarlane, PK McFarlane, Warwick Moore, Peter Scales, Andy Shand, Brian Stokes, Bill Whitmore and Jeremy Wood. Thanks to everyone for coming and making it so enjoyable. Back Row: Bill Whitmore, Brian Stokes, Peter Macfarlane, Roger Turner, Rostyn Jones Front Row: Jeremy Wood, Peter Scales, Andy Shand, Paul Pritchett, Warwick Moore, Neil Macfarlane

A very interesting bunch indeed.

Friday night featured the enjoyable cocktail party in the Dining Hall. Along with all the refreshments, gin was provided in each House colour. It was a very popular gesture. On Saturday, many came to the Quad for photographs, a College tour and lunch in the Dining Hall. Our group of 82 (including partners) went to the Christchurch Club for dinner. Pip Hall was the MC for the night, Sam Neill spoke briefly, and Charles Waldegrave was our keynote speaker. Sunday brunch – for the brave – was attended by 30 at Aikmans. It was greatly enjoyed by all who could make it, offering another opportunity to reminisce, as well as make good intentions to stay in touch for a 65th.

Tony Norbert-Munns (7203)

Paul Pritchett (5963)

Christ’s College Canterbury


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