College – Issue 40

CENTRE FOR CHARACTER & LEADERSHIP Prefect cohort works to its strengths

He has spent a lot of time as a coach and it’s those skills that Matt Cortesi is bringing to the prefect cohort in his new role as Director of the Centre for Character & Leadership.

This year the College prefects are being mentored as a group for the benefit of themselves and the wider school community. The training is well under way, with a leadership workshop to start the year and a “Prefects Weekend In” coming up in Term 2 – all in the interests of making the group feel empowered to be good stewards of the school, to set a positive tone and culture around the campus, and to be driven to make change where change is needed. Matt Cortesi says the 24-member group is overwhelmingly positive. “They’re excited by the opportunities and the things we are planning to do. The prefects are boys who like to be involved in the life of the school, and look to make the most of their opportunities.” He says using his sports background, he wants to build the prefects into a cohesive group “like you would any good sports team.” “Setting common goals, managing individual outcomes and getting the

“ Settingcommongoals,managing individual outcomesandgetting theprefects towork to their strengths– that’swhat I’maiming for. ” Matt Cortesi

College Issue 40 2021


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