College – Issue 40

prefects to work to their strengths – that’s what I’m aiming for. “I’m trying to operate like a coach, to set them up with tools and skills they need and then guide them along the way, and trying to empower them to lead.” There has already been some leadership training where the boys looked at leadership styles, how different leaders can work together and complement each other, as well as developing an agreed strategy and desirable attitude for the entire prefect group. The “Prefects Weekend In” will let the group reflect on the progress they are making.

younger students, assist with activities, and help set the tone for the behaviour of the boys through positive interactions.” In addition, the prefect group meets regularly to go through administration, upcoming events, to talk about issues, and to recap on progress with their respective committees. Matt meets regularly with the Head Boy and Deputy Head Boy and has individual monitoring and appraisal meetings with different prefects. Each prefect has established a set of goals, ideas and strategies to build on over the year. A Schoolbox page to share resources and information has also been established, which will no doubt become a useful tool in the prefects’ box of tricks.

“The prefects should role model our ideal College graduate outcomes, particularly around the disposition to serve, the capacity to lead and to follow, and to have confidence and humility in the way they relate to others.” Matt also hopes that the prefects actions will allow other boys in the school to benefit from being involved with leadership through the various committees, activities and experiences led by the prefects.

Added responsibilities for the prefects this year include more collaborative activities with St Margaret’s College, and greater involvement in the Immerse & Inspire programme, largely as role models and mentors for the Year 10 boys. “The prefects will be rostered on to each programme to stay in Jacobs House with the Year 10 boys and do the positive role modelling, building relationships with the

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