College – Issue 40

CHARACTER STRENGTHS Young men carving their own futures

Every College boy has his own unique set of strengths and talents. Here we showcase a selection who are thriving on College life and building character strengths for the future.

Ollie-Cooper King – Year 9, Corfe House Bravery, Humility, Teamwork

When Ollie-Cooper King walked through the College gates in 2021, he became the first in his family to take on the opportunities of College life.“Being at College is not what I expected – it’s even better,” Ollie says. “I love all the sports and how College approaches the academic programme. I really want to succeed in my academic work and play heaps of sport, particularly rugby and basketball. Coming from Rangiora, I am also enjoying getting a taste for different things in Year 9, and I love the Music and History classes. It’s all challenging and very different – but good different, and exciting to make so many new friends.” Ollie says he appreciates how much time and effort his teachers put in to help support his goals as he strives to make the most of this time at College.

Sam Falvey – Year 13, Rolleston House Leadership, Honesty, Empathy

Sam thrives on setting objectives, working hard, and nailing them. He did it with swimming, and with English, and now he’s into real estate, with a job awaiting when he graduates from College. He started swimming as an infant, trained and raced seriously as a youngster, and for the past year he has been a swim coach, teaching three to eight year olds twice a week. “I like teamwork, and my work at AquaGym is great for that.” Sam plays water polo and football for College. In Year 9, English was his worst subject, now it’s probably his best. “It’s improved dramatically with a lot of help from learning support. I try to do everything to the best of my ability. Right now, I’ve got six months to go studying online for my Level 4 salesperson certificate in real estate.”

College Issue 40 2021


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