College – Issue 40

Tai McKenzie – Year 9, Corfe House Curiosity, Kindness, Gratitude

After a bit of a nervous start, Tai feels like he has “stepped up into an amazing environment” at College. Following in the footsteps of his brother and cousin, Tai has quickly steered his own “action-packed” College path, with a lot of fun along the way, and he has “made good friends in a good House.” A highly competitive surfer, Tai also plays rugby and loves his English, Mathematics, Physical Education and Chemistry classes. “I have been surfing with my family at Waikuku Beach since I was little, and made it to the U14 quarter-finals at the New Brighton Duke Festival of Surfing this year.” He says he appreciates being able to “really get into subjects like Chemistry and Mathematics,” along with having teachers who are “funny and helpful.”

Hamish Newstead – Year 13, Julius House Determination, Resilience, Humour

He’s focused, concentrating on his studies, and is following a clear career path – to join the Royal Marine Commandos. “I’ve been born to do it, and it’s worth a shot. We’ve had a few SAS soldiers in the family and it’s all I’ve ever wanted to do. One of the biggest motivators to join the army or the Royal Marines was the death of my Dad, as I would be continuing his legacy.” Fallback position is the New Zealand Army and SAS. This year he’s enjoying Agribusiness, History, PE and Psychology. Hamish is in the hockey 1st XI and in the Canterbury U18 representative side, he has also coached the 10A cricket team and is about to manage a rugby team. “It’ll be a challenge – I’ve never played rugby in my life, but it will provide me with some diversity and an opportunity to learn.”

George Cochrane – Year 11, Jacobs House Honesty, Humility, Bravery

The College environment suits George, who credits the school with opening his mind to a host of possibilities and helping him develop greater independence. From Ohoka, where he enjoys social polo games, his weekdays are packed with action – early starts for rowing, more training after school, rugby in winter, following the school polo team, and this year enjoying the challenges of Accounting and Biology. “It had never crossed my mind to take those subjects, but I really love them. Going into depth on topics is really fun – it opens you up to so much more.” He’s discovered he likes being busy, and is a lot more orderly and organised than he used to be. His year group in Jacobs House is “quite cool” and it has been great to have a Year 11 kitchen to themselves this year.

College Issue 40 2021


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