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John Beresford Swan Dudding


Egypt, Gallipoli

John Tucker Ford


Egypt, Gallipoli




Laurence EdwardWilliams

CMR, Signals Division NZ Engineers Egypt, Gallipoli, France

Percy Morland Acton-Adams


Egypt, Gallipoli

Egypt, Gallipoli, EEF, France and Belgium

Thomas Geoffrey Trench Hamilton


WadhamBayntun Starky


Egypt, Gallipoli

WilliamLivingstone Chrystal


Egypt, Gallipoli

viii If descendants of the Old Boys who signed the menu can add or correct the information in this article, then please contact the College Archivist. ix See captured-chunuk-bair. Surgenor was a baker from Taranaki. Davie, Reginald x Stowers, R. 2005 Bloody Gallipoli . Auckland. David Bateman Ltd. p172 xi Teal, FJ and R Peers 2020 Guy Stanley Overton In Black & White No 141 xii The Press 14 June 1915 xiii Stowers, R. op cit p399 xiv Kinloch, T. 2016 Devils on Horses: In the words of the Anzacs in the Middle East . Exisle Publishing p111 xv Ibid p35 xvi Ibid p294–5 xvii Brabin, BJ 2014. Malaria's_contribution_to_World_War_One_-_The_unexpected_adversary xviii Photograph of the funeral procession of Lieutenant George Augustus King See also /record/c827 xix National Archives Australia B 2455 SearchNRetrieve/Interface/SearchScreens/BasicSearch.aspx

i The actual location of the restaurant is unknown. The Christ’s College Register , December 1918 p122 records another gathering of Old Boys at the Grand New Hotel, Jerusalem, on 21 August 1917 ii The NZEF did not go to France at this time. By the end of January 1915 information was received that the enemy was moving towards the Suez Canal. From 2–4 February the NZEF was engaged in fighting at Kantara, El Ferdan, Battery Post, Ismailia Ferry, and Serapeum. iii Mayonnaise is an emulsion of olive oil and either vinegar or lemon juice seasoned to taste. See Davidson, A. 2014 The Oxford Companion to Food . 3rd ed. Edited by Tom Jaine, Oxford University Press. p502 iv Davidson, A. 2014. The Oxford Companion to Food . 3rd ed. Edited by Tom Jaine, Oxford University Press. p444 v King, GA extract from George Augustus King’s Diary, Christ’s College Archives. vi Teal, FJ 2013. Photographs from Gallipoli. In Black & White No 49 p8. vii Christ’s College’s Record of Service of Old Boys in the First World War 1914–1919, Christ’s College Archives World War I records for New Zealand soldiers can also be found in three online locations. Cenotaph is hosted by the Auckland War Memorial Museum and consists of a summary of the basic information about each individual. https:// Much more detailed information can be found on Archway, the Archives New Zealand website. Personnel records can be searched for by individual names. The Commonwealth War Graves Commission website provides information about the location of graves and memorials throughout the world. The main online site for Australian World War I soldiers is

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