College – Issue 40

NEW STAFF A warm welcome to...

Joining the College community in 2021 are four new teachers and two new counsellors for the Centre for Wellbeing & Positive Education.

Hannah Clarkson Director of Drama

Robbie Turrell Commerce Teacher

Christopher Waugh HoD English

Hannah has been involved in theatre for more than 30 years and teaching for 20. She is familiar to our school, having worked as a choreographer and director for many joint drama productions involving students from College and Rangi Ruru Girls’ School. Her skills encompass drama, dance and singing, but also extend to leadership, pastoral care, wellbeing, digital engagement and counselling. She is currently working towards her Masters of Counselling. She was engaged in many different roles at Rangi Ruru, however, her greatest passions lie with drama and the performing arts. Hannah believes there is nothing better than seeing the growth and development of a student – both in the classroom and on the stage.

Robbie moved south from Onslow College, Wellington, where he was the subject leader of Business Studies. He is an impassioned Commerce teacher, keen to undertake a new challenge working in boys’ education. By creating “real life enterprise opportunities” within his lessons, he believes the Commerce subjects empower boys with the skills required for 21st century active learners. Robbie enjoys an active lifestyle with interests in a range of sports and activities, including football, cricket, cycling, yoga and surfing. He is fluent in Spanish and motivated by travel, having lived and worked in several different places in the world. He says he has a love of learning and is inspired by people, languages and cultures.

Chris has taught English for 18 years in New Zealand and the United Kingdom. From Mount Aspiring College, Wanaka, where he was Assistant Head of Learning for English, Chris’s greatest passion is teaching. In 2020, he received the National Excellence in Teaching award. He has developed and shared many online programmes and teaching resources, which have been used extensively by teachers throughout New Zealand and overseas. He has been involved in school productions and performances, coached debating and contributed to Young Enterprise programmes. He has enjoyed success coaching triathlon and cycling, and for three years supported the sailing programme at the London Nautical School. Chris approaches every student as a whole person, with a family, a culture and a story of their own.

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