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doing, and asks for their signature. Very few say no. “When I first started, I figured, ‘Oh, I’ll be happy if I get a thousand,”she said.“I’ve got- ten a 99 per cent approval rating.” Now she has begun delivering some of the dozens of signed pages of her petition to the local office of Glengarry-Prescott- Russell Liberal MPP Grant Crack so he can start forwarding them to Deb Matthews, Ontario’s minister of health and long-term care, and her staff. Dallaire will keep on de- livering petition pages as she gets them filled and she already has her canvassing campaigns for this winter and next spring all worked out. "We’re going to wear them out," she said with a smile.


ROCKLAND | Lise Dallaire would have been happy several months ago if at least a few hundred people proved willing to sign her petition asking the province to consider a nursing home project for Rock- land. As of mid-December she’s collected more than 3000 signatures since she started the petition in June and she is ecstatic. “Now I’m aiming for 5000,” she said. The City of Clarence-Rockland does have two nursing home facilities. Le centre Roger Séguin in Clarence Creek offer nursing care as part of its programwhile Bourget has the Caressant Care nursing home. There are also other nursing home facili- ties elsewhere in Prescott-Russell and in the City of Ottawa but there are also wait lists for these places. There once was a nursing home in Rockland with le Foyer St-Joseph, which operated for about 50 years before closing its doors in 2004. The factors behind its closure were a combination of the high cost required for renovations to upgrade its services and facilities to more modern stan- dards and the high costs that would result to its programs and services, putting it out of the reach of many potential clients. During his last years as MPP for Glengar- ry-Prescott-Russell, Jean-Marc Lalonde was looking into ways to get a new nursing home project approved for Rockland. He is still investigating the idea, using all of the contacts in government and business he made while he was involved in provincial politics. Now Dallaire is taking up the challenge and she has Lalonde’s encouragement to spur her on. “He says, ‘A petition will not hurt.’” She is using her experience and expertise in commission sales before she retired to help plan out her petition campaign strat- egy “I look for crowds,”she said, smiling.“I look for (business) openings, I look for weekend (shoppers), I look for special events.” Armed with her clipboard and at least a dozen petition sheets she approaches ev- eryone and anyone, explains what she is There may be ice forming on the rivers and lakes now but it is not time to go ice fishing or pond skating yet. The OPP’s S.A.V.E. (Snowmobile, ATV, Ves- sel Enforcement) unit issued a notice that the arrival of freezing temperatures does not mean that winter ice is safe yet for travel and recreation. For safe ice fishing there must be at least four inches of new, clear hard ice capable of supporting the weight of one full-grown adult. For supporting the weight of vehicles, the ice must be from five inches up to 15 inches thick depending on whether a snowmobile or ATV is involved or a medium-sized pick- up truck. Anyone going out on ice should wear a cold-water floatation suit and carry a set of ice picks in case they should go through a weak spot in the ice. 05ŏ+ûŏ0$!ŏ%!

Walter Henry adds his signature to all the others on Lise Dallaire’s petition to the pro- vincial government for a nursing home project for Rockland.

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