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ORLÉANS | Julie Anne Fiset is moving up in the world of gymnastics. The 12-year-old acrobat finished fourth all-round in Novice National category for ages 10 to 12 as part of the Tumblers Gym- nastics Centre team in Burlington at the first of the Ontario provincial qualifiers over the Dec. 7 weekend. Fiset is already ranked as a national-level gymnast and her perfor- mance at Burlington met the qualifying standard for her to compete at Elite Canada, one of the two major national-level gym- nastics competitions in Canada. "It is an exciting year for our program," says Alina Florea, Tumblers women's pro- gram manager, regarding the overall per- formance of Tumblers at Burlington. "I am proud of all of these girls. We have spent the last three years developing our program to achieve higher results in the top provincial levels and we are nowmoving forward with entries in National categories. To now have one of our athletes qualify for Elite Canada marks the beginning of the next stage in the development of our club’s program." Among the rest of the 14-member Tum- blers team the trio of Avery Rosales, Juliette Chapman and Bryanna O’Grady all com- peted in the Pre-Novice category, placing second, fourth and sixth in the Elite stream. Rosales claimed the gold medals in Beam and Floor routines with Chapman silver on beam, and O’Grady bronze for floor. Rosales and Chapman have now qualified for nam- ing to the Ontario team for the National Stream Cup competition in Montréal next month. Saturday’s competition saw the club’s youngest competitor for the weekend, Em- ily Lemieux take silver in Bars and bronze in Floor in the Level 6 (nine-year-old) category. Alex Cameron captured two golds in Vault and Floor and a bronze in Beam in Level 8 (age 11) category competition. Maya Rana picked up the bronze in Level 8 Bars. Level 9 (age 12 and 13) competition saw Caroline Poirier collect silver in Bars, bronze in Floor, and the silver for all-around competition while Sophie Paquin earned gold on the Beam, silver for Floor and a bronze for all- around. The final sessions of the competition had Jillian Van Every with bronze in Level 6 Vault and Kylie Kamal a silver in Level 6 Vault. Martine Dionne picked up the bronze in Level 6 Bars for the age 15 to 17 class. Tumblers gymnast, Julie Anne Fiset qual- ifies to compete at Elite Canada after competition in Burlington over the Dec. 7 weekend.

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