Al Jazeera In 1000 Academic Studies

95. Name: Reem Al Meddeb Title: Media Coverage of the Proliferation of the Swine Flu (H1N1) Worldwide and in the Arab Region: Al Jazeera as a Case Study Institution: Catholic University of Louvain Country: Belgium Date: 2012 Language: French Abstract: This thesis looks into Al Jazeera’s coverage of the proliferation of ‘swine flu’ (H1N1) worldwide and in the Arab region in particular. In this study, the researcher analyses the statements Al Jazeera devised and presented on its news and programmes that addressed this issue. In the theoretical part of the study, the researcher employed sociological approaches to later extract and classify a group of ideas and observations according to which the virus spread. The dangers of the swine flu and cures of this virus have also been explained. In addition, the study provides a critical review of the prevailing discourse and deconstructs its basic arguments. In the analytical part, the researcher chose a sample of Al Jazeera satellite channel’s programmes that addressed the proliferation of H1N1, covering the period between June and December 2009. The selected sample included serial and non-serial programmes that were produced particularly for the coverage and addressing of the swine flu phenomenon.


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