Al Jazeera In 1000 Academic Studies

106. Name: Mohammad H.A. Otry Title: The Language of Media Discourse of Al Jazeera Channel: The Discourse on the Egyptian Revolution as a Case Study Institution: World Islamic Science & Education University Country: Jordan Date: 2012 Language: Arabic Abstract: This study examines the language of media discourse of Al Jazeera satellite channel during the 2011 Egyptian revolution. The study focuses on the channel’s coverage of these events for the period between 01 January and 3 March 2011. It provides an analysis of the media discourse that accompanied the Egyptian revolution in light of the of discourse analysis theory the descriptive analytical methodology. The researcher collected all the reports and news items produced by Al Jazeera during the research timeframe and then selected a sample of these materials for the analysis. The selection criteria includes the importance, the style, the means, the evidences, and the outputs of the channel’s media coverage. The study consists of three main chapters in addition to the introduction, conclusion and supporting appendices. The first chapter provides an analysis of Al Jazeera’s media discourse on the Egyptian revolution based on the news reports. The second chapter analyzes Al Jazeera’s coverage of the Egyptian revolution based on the selected news items. The third chapter looks at the components and characterizing features of the channel’s media discourse on the Egyptian revolution.


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