Al Jazeera In 1000 Academic Studies

109. Name: Nesrine Abdel-Sattar Title: Innovation in Arabic Online Newsrooms: A Comparative Study of the Social Shaping of Multimedia Adoption in Al Jazeera Net, Almassae and Almasry Alyoum in the Context of the Arab Spring Institution: University of Oxford Country: United Kingdom Date: 2013 Language: English Abstract: This study focuses on the factors that shape innovation in online newsrooms in three countries of the Arab world, with particular interest in the adoption of multimedia news innovations. The study applies theoretical perspectives from the social shaping of technology and the diffusion of innovation literature. The researcher sought to identify the key factors shaping the innovation process in this new media environment. Three field studies were carried out in three newsrooms of three Arabic media outlets: Al Jazeera Net in Qatar, Al-Masry Alyoum in Egypt, and Al-Massae in Morocco. The case studies for this research are grounded in two weeks of participant-observation field research within each of these online newsrooms, along with over 100 in-depth interviews the researcher conducted with those involved in the production of online news. In addition, this investigation was coupled with online archival reviews of the three news portals since their inception. This study suggests that future scholarship brings politics into the study of the social shaping of newsroom innovation without losing the significant advances of existing research in more liberal democratic Western contexts of the multimedia newsroom.


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