Al Jazeera In 1000 Academic Studies

111. Name: Abdurrahman Al-Fahfdawi Title: Children’s Programmes in Specialized Arab Satellite Channels and their Contribution to Educating Sudanese Children: S Study on a Sample of Viewers of Al Jazeera Children and MBC3

in Khartoum for the Period between 2010 and 2013 Institution: Sudan University of Science and Technology Country: Sudan Date: 2013 Language: Arabic Abstract:

This research deals with children’s programs on specialized Arab satellite channels and their contribution to educating the Sudanese children focusing on Al Jazeera Children and MBC3 channels in Khartoum State. It seeks to identify the role played by these channels in providing children with knowledge through television programs. The study examines the effects of television on children, as television comes at the forefront of media in terms of its ability to influence this age group through various techniques that combine sound, image, movement and colors. The researcher used the descriptive analytical method, and the sample included 410 students of public schools of both sexes in Khartoum. The findings showed the existence of discrepancy in the percentage of children’s exposure to these channels. They revealed the superiority of MBC3 over Al Jazeera Children in terms of viewing and preference. The study also found that there are some shortcomings in the children’s programmes, mainly the focus on foreign programs and sometimes the lack of clarity in translation. The time that children are exposed to television is so long, reaching more than three hours a day.


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