Al Jazeera In 1000 Academic Studies

122. Name: Majed G.H. Jbara Title: The Role of Satellite Channels in Shaping the Political Trends of Jordanian Professional Association Members vis-à-vis Arab Popular Movements between 2011 and 2014: Al Jazeera and the BBC as a Case Study Institution: World Islamic Science & Education University Country: Jordan Date: 2014 Language: Arabic Abstract: This dissertation examines the role of Arab satellite channels in shaping the political inclinations of the members of Jordanian professional associations vis-à-vis the Arab Spring revolutions. To this end, the dissertation used Al Jazeera and the BBC channels as two cases for the study and explored the extent to which they influenced the course of the popular uprisings. The researcher used the questionnaire and interview tools to collect the required data and employed a descriptive analytical approach to assess and measure the influence of these two channels on changing the political inclinations of professional associations members. A sample of 434 members was chosen for the analysis, including engineers, doctors, teachers, lawyers, and journalists. The research findings showed that Arab satellite channels, led by Al Jazeera and the BBC, were an important source of information for popular movements and they played a major role in these events. They influenced the publics and shaped the public opinion. The study also showed that Al Jazeera and BBB broke new grounds in covering popular movements and presented the developments of Arab Spring in a more influential way.


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