Al Jazeera In 1000 Academic Studies

130. Name: Maiya Al Habsi Title: Offering a New(s) View of the Arab World: A Study of the Production of Al Jazeera Institution: University of Leicester Country: United Kingdom Date: 2015 Language: English Abstract: This thesis examines the production of the Al Jazeera channel programmes and pays particular attention to the Al Jazeera form of programme production and journalists’ practice. Acknowledging the significant differences between the programme form adopted by Al Jazeera and other news programming in the Arab news ecosystem, the study explores these as collective knowledge shared by journalists within the production domain and underpinned by a visualization of the programme’s audiences. The study draws on observations of news practices, in-depth interviews conducted with staff members, and analyses of news content to demonstrate connections between these professional understandings, journalists’ news practices, and the shaping of news discourse. The research shows how the news form and the imagined audience – while representing wider organizational, cultural, and political influences - shape the production process and structure its news output. This thesis concludes that Al Jazeera news programmes mediate significant issues in the Arab world in two ways: first, issues are shaped according to constructed national perspectives; second, others are reconciled according to a view of a particular Arab region frought with ongoing conflicts and various types of disagreements.


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