Al Jazeera In 1000 Academic Studies

146. Name: Ahmad Abdul-Kareem Shaban Title: Media Agenda in Scenarios of Political and Cultural Change (A Comparison between the Syrian Satellite Channel, BBC Arabic, Russia Today Arabic and Al Jazeera Arabic) Institution: Universidad de Malaga Country: Spain Date: 2016 Language: Spanish Abstract: This study looks at how media organizations set their agenda in situations of political and cultural change, focusing on the Syrian conflict. It adopts an analytical descriptive approach applying a mixed methodology of quantitative and qualitative content analysis. The study also uses semiotic analysis of news content and draws on a number of theoretical frameworks such as the theory of cultural implantation, the theory of agenda setting and the dependency theory of the media. This work examines the conflict in Syria and analyzes, from a comparative perspective, a selected sample of news items and reports from four satellite channels that prioritized the Syrian crisis on their agenda. These channels are the Syrian Satellite channel, the BBC Arabic, Russia Today Arabic and Al Jazeera satellite channel. The study timeframe extends from 15 March 2011, until the end of 2016. The findings showed that media organizations in times of crisis transform into political tools serving the agenda of those who fund them. They acts as transformers of political, cultural and economic structures of societies by adopting the agendas of their respective countries that fund them.


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