Al Jazeera In 1000 Academic Studies

152. Eman Mahmoud Mohamed Title: Evaluating Media Performance of Arab News Channels on Political Events in Egypt (Al Jazeera and Nile News) Institution: Al-Azhar University Country: Egypt Date: 2016 Language: Arabic Abstract: This study aims to assess the media performance of Arab news channels in their coverage of political events in Egypt, by monitoring the most prominent events that Arab news channels focused on, specifically Nile News and Al Jazeera channels. The study found that the level of media performance of Arab satellite channels during their coverage of political events in Egypt is generally low. Al Jazeera ranked first in terms of low performance by 69.2%, followed by Nile News with 37.6%. This low level of performance is explained by a number of unprofessional journalistic practices, including manipulation of photos and videos, biased presentation of viewpoints, focus on certain aspects of news while concealing others, superficiality in dealing with events and issues, and accusations without evidence. The study also found that Al Jazeera journalists were subject to pressure by 46.8%, followed by those of Nile News with 40.6%. Pressures include ownership patterns at 75.5%, followed by competition with other channels to reach exclusive news sources by 41.8%, the lack of trained human resources by 40.7%, and the weakness of capabilities and technical equipment by 38.4%.


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