Al Jazeera In 1000 Academic Studies

156. Name: Ibrahim Mohamed Talha Title: The Stylistic Structure in the Language of the New Arab Media: Al Jazeera as Case Study Institution: University of Aden Country: Yemen Date: 2017 Language: Arabic Abstract: This thesis examines the Arab communicative rhetorical discourse, and the linguistic levels in the Arab media. The study focuses on Al Jazeera satellite channel as a case study for the applied research. In the first part, there are two chapters on style in the Arab media and the mistakes made by newsreaders. The second part of the research includes four empirical chapters, using materials produced and broadcast on Al Jazeera channel. In addition, the thesis discusses the possibility of improving the style of Arabic language in journalistic materials by educating and continuously training the staff of media institutions in order for them to reach advanced levels of linguistic proficiency. The researcher chose Al Jazeera as a case study because it is a leading broadcaster in the Arab media and one of the most influential media organizations in the world. Al Jazeera is also considered as the best Arab channel in terms of preserving Arabic language and adhering to its rules. Since the establishment of the channel in mid-1990s, the viewers in the region experienced a considerable shift in the performance of Arab media.


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