Al Jazeera In 1000 Academic Studies

165. Name: Khadija Brik Title: The Characterizing Features of Documentary Programmes on Al Jazeera Satellite Channel: Content Analytical Study of “Hot Spot” Series Institution: Université de Batna 1 Country: Algeria Date: 2017 Language: Arabic Abstract: The study aims to identify the special features of documentaries presented by Al Jazeera satellite channel through the “Hot Spot” series. The study seeks to identify the topics covered by this series and the values they contained. This descriptive survey study adopted a qualitative approach and used content analysis to analyze the data collected by the researcher through a set of tools such as interview and observation. The study analyzed an intentional sample chosen through a comprehensive survey of all episodes of the “Hot Spot” series, broadcast by Al Jazeera from 1997 to 2013. The total number of selected episodes reached 52. The research findings showed that the “Hot Point” series focused its attention on major issues that are directly related to the fate of Islamic societies. The series sheds light on the policies of political regimes, the issues of identity, the complexities of history, and related events experienced by Islamic peoples such as wars, revolutions, colonialism and liberation movements. The series addressed these topics in many Arab and Islamic countries, including Sudan, Senegal, Morocco, Chechnya, Turkey, Indonesia, Albania, Palestine, Somalia and Nigeria.


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