Al Jazeera In 1000 Academic Studies

173. Name: Najlaa H.R. Jadeen Title: News Treatment for Terrorism Issues in Satellite Channels during 2017 (A Comparison between BBC Arabic and Al Jazeera) Institution: Sudan University of Science and Technology Country: Sudan Date: 2018 Language: Arabic Abstract: This research deals with the issues of terrorism as a challenging topic of news value. Satellite channels play an important role in consolidating the stereotyped image of terrorism and the attitudes towards it. This role is increasing in line with the increased popularity of certain satellite channels. This study aims to identify the features of news treatment of terrorism issues from a comparative perspective between BBC Arabic and Al Jazeera channels. It seeks to investigate the space granted to these issues and the extent of the contrast and consistency in the news coverage of terrorism between the two channels. The researcher used content analysis methodology by selecting a regular random sample of the main news releases of the two channels over the course of 2017. The findings show a great interest of both channels in the issues of terrorism and indicate that both of them use modern technologies and various illustrative means in their news treatment. The study revealed that the coverage of these issues was comprehensive on its various aspects in the two channels, and the coverage was positive in its entirety.


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