Al Jazeera In 1000 Academic Studies

7. Name: Vincenzo Damiani Title: War Reporting: From Russell to Al Jazeera Stories, Analysis and Evolution of a Difficult Profession Institution: University of Macerata Country: Italy Date: 2004 Language: Italian Abstract: The history of war journalism begins with the Irish Bill Russell, the first real correspondent, who, from the “hottest” area of the world, told us about epochal Crimean war with absolute freedom of expression. Russell was a maverick who could explain to those who were miles away what a battle really was, whith no censorship or convenient truth. This reporter’s stories opened a breach in a wall that, until then, had kept citizens and truth separate from the battlefields. This study presents a careful analysis starting from the Crimean war to the present day. It examines modern war reporting focusing on the role of Al Jazeera in the face of new world leaders who still try to monopolize information. Wars are usually seen, told and analyzed from the perspectives of protagonists and the role of independent correspondents remains the factor that makes a real difference in seeking the truth and understanding events in the battlefield. However, there are always doubts during war times as to whether viewers at home are properly informed or illusioned and lied to in the name of national security.


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