Al Jazeera In 1000 Academic Studies

18. Name: Noha Atif Title: The Role of the News Bulletins in the Arab Satellite TV Channels in Setting the Priorities of the Egyptian Public about Egyptian, Arab and International Issues: The Cases of Al Jazeera

and Al Arabiya Channels Institution: Cairo University Country: Egypt Date: 2006 Language: Arabic Abstract:

This comparative study analyzes a selection of programmes broadcast by Al Jazeera and Al Arabiya including the news bulletins of 22:00 Cairo time on Al Jazeera (Harvest of the Day) and the 21:00 news bulletin on Al Arabiya (Evening Bulletin). The sampled materials cover June and July 2005. The researcher also conducted a survey on a sample of 60 respondents. She also conducted a field study on a deliberate non- random sample of 420 respondents divided evenly into three social levels: high level (Heliopolis, Al Muhandisin), intermediate (Al Qubba Gardens, the Pyramid) and low level (Shubra, Imbaba). The research findings showed that females came first in terms of news presentation by 48.7% followed by males (47.3%). The stories contained in the news were distributed according to their position in bulletin: central (73.6%), introduction and conclusion (13.2%). The stories contained in the news were distributed according to the length of the story contained in the bulletin: short stories (49.7%), long stories (39%) and medium (11.3%). The most important news values in an orderly manner are seriousness (79.2), conflict (69.5%), proximity, positivity, fame, neutrality and strangeness.


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