Al Jazeera In 1000 Academic Studies

31. Name: Augusto Valeriani Titles: Arab Journalists in the Al Jazeera Era: Negotiating their Professional Culture within a Transnational Space Institution: Università Degli Studi di Siena Country: Italy Date: 2008 Language: Italian Abstract: The thesis focuses on Arab journalists as actors in a transnational relationship. Through a discussion of the negotiation process involving journalists in defining the values and practices of their own professional culture, the study investigates how far the coverage and practices of news broadcasters have blurred the boundaries of national media systems. Analyzing the relationship between pan-Arab broadcast journalists and journalists employed in national news institutions, the study reconsiders the idea of a ‘national media system’ and its access to external influences. The field study was conducted in Egyptian newsrooms including the Al Jazeera bureau in Cairo, as well as in the central newsroom in Doha. Such a multi-sited approach offers a better understanding of how journalists in pan-Arab stations and national news media are involved in a common arena of negotiation of professional values and practices. The research aimed to define how Arab journalists create the borders and the narratives of their interpretative community in a context defined by high-speed transnationalism. The findings show that pan-Arab journalists define their professional culture in terms of both constructive and conflictual relationships with each other.


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