Al Jazeera In 1000 Academic Studies

42. Name: Magdi Ahmed Kandil Title: The Israeli-Palestinian Conflict in American, Arab, and British Media: Corpus-Based Critical Discourse Analysis (CNN, Al Jazeera and BBC) Institution: Georgia State University Country: United States Date: 2009 Language: English Abstract: The language used to represent the Israeli-Palestinian conflict in media is frequently subjected to critique by scholars. However, few studies attempted a thorough investigation of this language using systematic methods of linguistic analysis. This study aims to bridge this gap by combining methods and analytical frameworks from Critical Discourse Analysis and Corpus Linguistics to analyze the discursive representation of the Israeli-Palestinian conflict in American, Arab, and British media represented by CNN, Al Jazeera Arabic, and BBC, respectively. In this study, the corpus-based keyword technique is used to identify the topics that tend to be emphasized, downplayed, and/or omitted in coverage of this conflict in three corpora complied from the news websites of the selected outlets. Topics such as terrorism, occupation, settlements, and the Israeli disengagement plan, which were found to be key in the coverage of the conflict, are further studied in context using several other corpus tools, notably the concordance and the collocation finder. The analysis reveals some of the strategies employed by each news website to control for the positive or negative representations of the different actors involved in the conflict.


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