Al Jazeera In 1000 Academic Studies

58. Name: Ihsan Ramadan Title: The Relationship between the Reliance of Iraqi Public on Arab Television News Channels and the Level of its Knowledge of Political Reform Issues Institution: Institute of Arab Research & Studies Country: Egypt Date: 2010 Language: Arabic Abstract: Media institutions, particularly satellite television channels, represent one of the most important means of influencing public opinion, especially in Iraq. Some Arab satellite channels established themselves as indispensable source of news and information, rarely depending on foreign sources. Observers, who follow these channels, understand the differences and changes in the way news about Iraq is produced and presented. Al Jazeera, which managed to position itself on top of the list as a leading Arab news channel, contributes to the sociopolitical changes taking place in Iraq through the quality of content it provides, in both news and prpgrammes. This study examines the dependence of Iraqi public on satellite channels and the role these channels play in raising awareness of political reform issues. It investigates the ways in which Iraqis discuss issues of political reform, analyzes the demographic characteristics of the country and looks at the relationship between dependence on satellite news channels. The study also aims to identify whether these channels are concerned with political reform issues in Iraq and determine the role of Arab television channels in raising or polarizing Iraqi public awareness.


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