Al Jazeera In 1000 Academic Studies

64. Name: Zeyad Al Hedaithy Title: Mutual Relationship between News Channels and their Audiences: Al Jazeera as a Case Study Institution: Griffith University Country: Australia Date: 2010 Language: English Abstract: A large amount of research has been dedicated to the relationship between television and audiences around the world. Television broadcasters are usually keen on building a wider and deeper understanding of their audiences’ needs and tendencies. Meanwhile, the audiences have their own expectations and views towards the broadcasted material. Many theories have been designed to explain the relationship between television and their audiences, and the mutual influences between the two sides. This study uses qualitative methodology to assess the performance of Arab satellite television channels and answer the central question concerning the media-audiences relationship. This study provides an analysis of politically oriented television channels dedicated to informing the Arab public, and discuss their role in shaping the minds of Arabic-speaking viewers. It focuses on Al Jazeera as a case study because it broke many taboos and caused controversy through interviews with dissidents and perceived terrorists, and showing programmes that encourage social and political debates on problematic issues. Al Jazeera also actively broadcasts images and facts about events as they happen, allowing viewers to see the pictures for themselves before forming their own opinions.


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