Al Jazeera In 1000 Academic Studies

75. Name: Lubna Al Jayrudy Title: Ideological Representations in English and Arabic News Reports: A Thematic Structure Analysis (Teshreen/Syria Times, Syria News, NBN, Al Manar, Al Jazeera, Al Arab, BBC, Reuters, AFP, and CNN) Institution: Heriot-Watt University Country: United Kingdom Date: 2011 Language: English Abstract: This study investigates the efficacy of theme/rheme analysis in identifying underlying ideologies in English and Arabic news reports. The study is based on the assumption that the different choices of theme/rheme - their organization at the local and global structures, and the presentation of given/new information - can elucidate ideological factors that underlie news presentation in English and Arabic. The study designs a conceptual framework which combines structural, ideological, and linguistic approaches to discourse analysis. It also develops an innovative methodological model to analyze theme/rheme in Arabic verbal and nominal clauses and enhances the linguistic tools to analyze the thematic structures in English and Arabic texts. Based on the recurrent preferences in the thematic structures of the selected corpus, the study concludes that the developed model and tools help identify underlying ideologies in the presentations of Syria in both English and Arabic news reports. This study analyses 100 news reports (50 in Arabic and 50 in English) collected from Arabic and English online news sources, namely Teshreen/Syria Times, SANA, Syria News, NBN, Al Manar, Al Jazeera, Al Arab, BBC, Reuters, AFP, and CNN.


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