March-April PCSBV Newsletter 2024




In the last newsletter, we spoke about the exciting project ahead of us, building a Centre for Palliative Care and Hospice, right here in the Bow Valley. Although the decision of the Town was in June last year, work to plan the building, the important considerations in imagining the space and gaining input from people in our community who will work and benefit from it has been ongoing for some time. As we develop the design, it is important that the Centre reflects our vision of the palliative care journey; from diagnosis, living well, and end of life and is a living embodiment of the values that PCSBV holds dear – dignity, care and excellence. It will be a peaceful and welcoming haven; a place to sit quietly, embraced by warm smiles, surrounded by soft shoulders and good listeners. A familiar space for individuals and their loved ones to seek support as they focus on wellness and quality of life, the Centre will be a home away from home, offering a place of refuge to ease anxiety or fear at end of life. In finalizing the floor plan, we will make sure that the spaces we create will be permeated with light and connect with the beautiful surroundings and Bow Valley nature, seamlessly bridging the inside and outside. When people enter the Centre for the first time, our hope is that they will feel a warmth and reassurance that they have come to the right place. As we embark on the next phase of the process, we look forward to sharing updates with you as to the progress we are making. To find out how you can be part of this exciting project and help us build towards our vision of the future, contact us at 403-707-7111.

Michelle LeBlanc started her position as Volunteer Coordinator with the Palliative Care Society of the Bow Valley on March 4th, 2024.

I enjoy the genuine and compassionate spirit of the volunteers who are involved with us! The PCSBV is able to address diverse community needs in unique and innovative ways as a result of these amazing volunteers. I feel extremely fortunate to be taking on the role of Volunteer Coordinator and joining the PCSBV team. I'm especially looking forward to opportunities for growth and engaging with this special community through the work of this organization.


HYO-JUNG JWA Client Coordinator

With Michelle joining the team, Hyo-Jung Jwa started a new role of Client Coordinator as of April 1st. In this role, Hyo-Jung will be working directly with the clients managing their PCSBV experience from the point of referral, through intake and then ongoing to ensure they are connected with the psychosocial and navigation supports they need. Hyo-Jung and Michelle will be working closely to pair our volunteers and clients for the best experience.

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