March-April PCSBV Newsletter 2024



As Canada's population ages and chronic illnesses become more prevalent, the importance of ACP in addressing complex healthcare needs and ensuring quality end-of- life care is becoming increasingly recognized. Advanced care planning (ACP) is gaining momentum and being actively promoted by healthcare professionals and organizations in Canada for several compelling reasons. ACP facilitates patient-centered care by allowing individuals to express their preferences for future medical treatment, ensuring that their values and wishes guide healthcare decisions, even if they are unable to communicate their desires due to illness or incapacity. This promotes autonomy and dignity in healthcare, aligning with the principles of patient-centered care and respect for individual autonomy. Did you know, ACP can help reduce healthcare costs by preventing unwanted and potentially futile medical interventions? By outlining preferences for end-of-life care and specifying goals of treatment, ACP empowers individuals to avoid unnecessary hospitalizations, invasive procedures, and prolonged stays in intensive care units, which can be emotionally and financially burdensome for patients and their families. Furthermore, ACP fosters communication and shared decision-making between patients, families, and healthcare providers. By engaging in discussions about values, goals, and fears surrounding end-of-life care, ACP promotes understanding and consensus among stakeholders, reducing the likelihood of conflict and distress during times of medical crisis. By getting started with your own advanced care plan, you can make informed decisions about your healthcare preferences and ultimately improve the quality of care when the time comes.

Demystifying death – a palliative care specialist’s practical guide to life’s end - Written by Dr. Kathryn Mannix. This is a short video with wonderfully creative graphics and easy to understand content about the physical process of dying.

TED TALK - What Happens When We Die? Featuring Dr. Kathryn Mannix demystifying the process of death.

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