The Experience Fall 2020 Edition

REBECCA (BECKY) ROENTSCH MONTRONE ‘80 where are they now?

What was your first connection with WOL, and why did you choose to attend WOLBI? I had had a spiritual reawakening around age 19, after drifting from the Lord in my teens. One of the deacons in the new church I was attending told me about WOLBI and recommended I go.

nutrition. One of my major roles is that of teacher. I don’t like to foster dependency in my clients, but teach them to make better decisions and to take responsibility for themselves. Despite the fact that my life’s work involves helping people live healthier and longer lives, I readily admit we’ll all face death. But that’s something I’m prepared for, guided by the spiritual journey I began as a young woman. My faith is very important to me. Jesus Christ is the only thing that matters in life; we’re all here to be instruments of God. I’m eternally minded. Who was your favorite staff professor and guest lecturer? I would say my favorite staff professor was Dr. Tom Davis, and my favorite guest lecturer was Dr. Tom Figart. Do you have any words of advice for prospective students? I have never regretted taking a year to do nothing but study the Word of God.

What was the highlight of your time as a student?

It's hard to say; I was in the Collegians, the class treasurer and on the missions committee. I was a dorm supervisor; I ruined the grading curve a few times, too. I was the women's head of the supervisors for the camp program and was a clown on the Ranch during shows. I also wrote and acted in some humorous dramas. A funny story: As class treasurer and a Collegian, I traveled in a smaller van with the stage crew and Jack Wyrtzen (ahead of the rest of the group) to get to Madison Square Garden for a run of performances. We broke down on the highway as we were approaching NYC. I sat in the driver's seat guiding the steering wheel as the "boys" pushed the van, and Jack Wyrtzen walked behind praying all the while, head down, hands folded behind his back.

Rebecca Montrone

How did God lead you to your current ministry?

It's been a lifetime of following Him, and there's just way too much to mention here. My work as a holistic health practitioner gives me great opportunity to share the love of Christ. I have been on staff in two churches over the years as worship leader and have done lots of work with children both in music, Sunday school, etc. At the present time I serve on the worship team and in the children's ministry at Elm City Church. What is your current profession? I am the owner of Wondrous Roots’ which offers holistic products and consultation. My husband, Dale, and I moved to Keene, NH in 2012 and set up shop at our current location, focused on holistic


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