The Experience Fall 2020 Edition

SETH BEEBE ’97 & ‘98 where are they now?

What was your first connection to WOL? My local church, Wayside Bible Baptist Church, in Livermore, Maine had a Word of Life Teen Club and Olympians. Why did you choose to attend WOLBI? My parents recommended taking one year of my life to devote myself to God's Word. My older brother attended before me, and I could see how the Lord was working in his life through the ministry’s impact – I wanted that, too. What was the highlight of your time there? Through the daily quiet times and summer ministry, the Lord revealed to me that my identity was found only in Jesus Christ. Who was your favorite staff professor and guest lecturer while at WOLBI? My favorite staff professor was Joe Jordan, because of his passion for the Word. My favorite guest lecturer was Tim Patterson who taught Children's Evangelism. What did you do for your summer ministry? I was a Camp Counselor at Word of Life Ranch ‘97, Camp Counselor at Word of Life Island ’98 and Unit Leader at Word of Life Ranch '99 (as a member of the WOL Impact Team). Did you further your schooling after WOLBI? If so, where? I attended Baptist Bible College in Clarks Summit, PA, and The Southern Baptist Theological Seminary in Louisville, KY. What is your current occupation and how did God lead you to it? I am a cross-cultural missionary and church planter in Toronto, Ontario working in Diaspora Missions through Global Gates Canada. I was led

step by step into the youth ministry and then to evangelism and missions. After being informed about globalization, immigration and urbanization issues, as well as the need to engage the nations coming to the west, the Lord led me to Toronto and to Global Gates Canada for His purposes of making disciples and through them reaching the ends of the earth. Can you share an example of what God is doing through your ministry? During this season of the Coronavirus, the Lord has allowed us to continue weekly Zoom and in-person Bible studies, as well as discipleship groups, to sustain and prepare us. One such group has been meeting since January involving students like Edgar, Nikita, Abilash, Sushant, Vishal, Pamela, Natalie and others. Most of these disciples are former Hindu and Catholic students who are learning that Jesus' presence, through His Spirit, and His Word are what sustain us, while Jesus' mission gives us purpose.

Seth Beebe

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