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I recently came across a story that embodies two of our company’s core values: We Surf Jaws, and We Care About the One. Surfing Jaws is all about innovating and finding ways to serve people. Caring about the one involves devoting your energy and attention to helping the person in front of you. Here’s how one pizza place in Philadelphia managed to do both to great effect. When Mason Warman opened Rosa’s Fresh Pizza in Philadelphia, he wanted to bring the New York slice-joint experience to the City of Brotherly Love. What he didn’t expect was to create a revolution in paying it forward that has resulted in hundreds of thousands of slices feeding the city’s homeless population. As a result of their $1 slices, Rosa’s always catered to those in need of a cheap, hot, and delicious meal. “One day, a customer came in after reading that we naturally serve a lot of homeless people because it’s affordable food,” Wartman recalls. “He tried our pizza and liked it. He asked us if homeless people ever came in short

and didn’t have a full dollar. They did, and I told him as much. He offered to prepurchase a slice for the next homeless person.”

The customer left a Post-it note along with his donation, which has become a tradition at the pizzeria. If you walk into Rosa’s, you’ll see the walls adorned with countless messages from people who’ve decided to purchase a slice — or 100 — for those in need. The donation program is now a central part of Rosa’s identity. “It’s a concept that a lot of people understand very quickly. They appreciate the simplicity of participating and the transparency of the program. It encourages more involvement. It’s great to see,” Wartman says.

As we approach the holiday season, I hope you’ll take the time to think about how you can care about the one in a way that’s meaningful to you.

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