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Most all knee and leg pain can be attributed to the following issues: • Poor muscular strength • An imbalance of flexibility and muscle strength

• Poor biomechanics of walking / running • Lack of flexibility in hip, knee, or ankle Common injuries with running or exercising: • Patellofemoral pain • Meniscus tears and pain • Ligament injuries (ACL, PCL, MCL, LCL) • Osteoarthritis • Shin splints • Hamstring pulls • Achilles tendonitis

Don’t push through pain While feeling a muscle burn is a normal part of exercising, feeling pain is not. It is not normal to have sharp pain during regular exercise and one should not push through this. Make sure you are doing an adequate active warm up prior to exercise as muscles and tissues require internal lubrication to work properly. Warming up brings natural fluids to the area to help increase range of motion and to improve elasticity. Lastly, ensure to stretch after exercise to help maintain and gain flexibility. Did You Know?... “Physical therapy can improve athletic performance. A physical therapist can do a biomechanical analysis to help you become more efficient at your respective sport.”

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