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“I was able to stay ambulatory throughout my entire pregnancy!”

“As a physically challenged individual, with cerebral palsy, who wants to remain ambulatory, my experience with “Solutions Physical Therapy and Sports Medicine”, since I found them in April of 2013, has been fantastic! The 1981 surgery that initiated my ability to walk with forearm crutches is not repeatable. As long as I continuously keep up with my PT, over the course of my life, in order to keep my muscles strong, and stretched out enough to ensure that I keep my current range of motion, I can stay walking, and out of a wheelchair. This is where “Solutions Physical Therapy and Sports Medicine” has excelled in my experience. The PT provided by Solutions is individualized to each person and it is quality PT. I’ve had to receive PT and do PT assigned exercises at home, since that surgery. In that time I have gone to many different places to receive the PT that is medically necessary for my health. Solutions, hands down has provided me with the best quality PT, outside of the hospital that did my 1981 surgery. It is because of the team efforts of the staff at Solutions and myself that when I chose to become a mom, after my OBGYN had verified that I should be able to carry a child, that I was able to stay ambulatory throughout my entire pregnancy and after! It is extremely common for women with CP who can walk before a pregnancy, to end up in a wheelchair, over the course of the pregnancy, birth,

and post-delivery recovery. I made sure to be active, stay mobile and maintain my PT at Solutions right up to the day before I gave birth. I had my daughter naturally, with no C-section needed because my muscles had retained a strength and range for a normal birth! Thanks Solutions! After having my daughter, as soon as I was medically cleared to resume my PT, I was back at Solutions intensively

continuing my PT, and making sure I had not lost, nor was I losing, my range of motion or muscle strength. I choose to stay walking, and the quality level PT I receive at Solutions, helps me achieve that on-going goal. I am continuing my PT with the staff at Solutions. I cannot thank the staff at Solutions, enough for working with me to keep my ability to walk, The quality of the PT at “Solutions Physical Therapy and Sports Medicine” is outstanding. Thanks, Solutions!” - Tiffany

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