Your Crescendo Finding Your Forte Program Agreement



Your Crescendo’s mission is to empower leaders to pursue purpose in their business and careers. We leverage our proprietary approach that engages the purpose and impact of our clients as leaders in their project/role, business/career and purposeful lives. Doing so empowers them to bring an engaged and inspired presence to their role and their companies’ mission. It also enables them to lead high performing organizations and teams, develop and manage direct report associates, develop and execute go-to-market strategies to stimulate and sustain growth and drive business performance through purposeful and intentional focus and leadership.

Through this agreement, Your Crescendo will facilitate the dialogue to:

 ASSESS – Using our tools, diagnostics and client dialogues, we will assess current areas of impact and identify impact opportunities.  COLLABORATE - After aligning impact opportunities with personal priorities, collaborate to create a plan to grow impact and deliver targeted results.  EXECUTE - Execute action plan, monitor dashboard and grow impact.


Each person’s optimal impact is made where their passions (what they love to do) meets their gifts (what they’re really good at) through their motives and rewards (what drives them). To apply this impact to a mission they can enthusiastically commit their lives to is being on purpose.

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