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A healthy balanced diet coupled with the help of some specific nutrients and herbs can help not only with healthy hair, but also the condition of your skin and nails. Biotin supports healthy hair Biotin is a really great nutrient to ensure you’re getting enough of to help you on your way to your healthy hair goals. If you aren’t getting enough from your diet, supplementing with biotin can help to reduce your hair loss. It’s also a good one for supporting the health of the skin and nails, so if you’re after some assistance in that department then it really is the nutrient to look for. Biotin is one of the B-complex group of vitamins, specifically vitamin B7, and is found in many common foods such as almonds, eggs, sweet potato and spinach. Be sure to include these as a part of your healthy hair diet. Zinc for healthy hair, skin and nails Like biotin, zinc is an important nutrient for supporting healthy and strong hair and nails. Zinc can also help with both the health and repair of the skin so it’s definitely a nutrient you’ll want to make sure you’re getting enough of every day. You can find zinc in animal-based foods such as chicken, red meat or oysters, and plant-based foods including legumes and pumpkin seeds, so try to incorporate some of these into your diet on a regular basis. If you’re looking for extra support, consider a supplement containing zinc glycinate, which is a more readily absorbed form of zinc than Vitamin C and silica are used by the body alongside zinc to help to form a substance called collagen. As well as being a trendy ingredient used in smoothies, collagen is one of the substances that supports the structure of the hair follicles, which are responsible for anchoring each individual hair in-to the scalp. Look out for vitamin C-rich foods such as broccoli, cauliflower, kale, papaya, sweet potato and tomato. Silica is found in bananas, brown rice, mangos, spinach and wholegrains, so try to mix these into your healthy and balanced diet on a regular basis. some other forms including zinc sulfate. Vitamin C and silica to the rescue M any of us long for a full head of healthy hair that we can let loose to billow in the breeze. Here’s our pick of the best nutrients and herbs to help you on your way.

How to live your healthiest hair life

Traditional Chinese medicine and hair health According to traditional Chinese medicine (TCM), the blood nourishes the hair, skin and nails. Dong quai is a herb traditionally used in TCM as a blood tonic that promotes hair health, strengthens the nails and relieves

skin dryness to enhance skin health. Diet tricks for healthy hair

Make sure you include high-quality protein, fresh fruit and vegetables and omega-3 fatty acids (by eating regular servings of oily fish, nuts and seeds) as part of a healthy balanced diet for luscious locks.

References available on request. Erika Bass is Technical Support team leader at Fusion ® Health. She has over a decade of experience in the natural health industry, and a particular passion for helping women look and feel their best.

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