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The Chlorella cure

T his nutrient-packed algae offers a unique alternative to traditional supplements. Chlorella’s popularity has surged as evidence for its many health benefits has grown. As a whole food produced with minimal processing, chlorella maintains high concentrations of intact nutrients; plus, there are organic and climate-conscious sourcing options available, making it environmentally friendly and non-toxic. Immune support: Chlorella supports immune function, primarily due to antioxidants which bind to free radicals (reactive molecules in the body).

been shown to bind to these reactive metals, and remove them from the body. Liver support: The liver is a meeting point between the digestive and circulatory systems, where nutrients are processed and sent to their intended destinations. It is also where non-nutrient chemicals go to be broken down and excreted as waste. Chlorella’s ability to bind to heavy metal toxins reduces liver stress. Promising research on chlorella’s ability to improve fasting blood sugar and lipid profiles also suggests a role in preventing non-alcoholic fatty liver disease. Blood sugar metabolism: An appropriate blood sugar range reduces the risk of kidney disease, heart disease and diabetes, which all count high blood sugar as a contributor. Chlorella lowers blood sugar and insulin resistance, therefore improving blood and hormonal health. Healthy ageing:

Home-grown hero BioGenesis Chlorella is grown organically in Northern Australia’s pristine Great Barrier Reef region. Bathed in golden sunshine, the chlorella thrive in fresh spring water ponds. They have an innovative energy-efficient hydrodynamic growth system that replicates natural river flow. When harvested, they apply advanced biodynamic

Free radicals are ingested or created from external environmental sources, such as pollution or chemical

technology to gently crack the hard outer cell wall, making the nutrients fully available. Biogenesis is Australia’s only Licenced Chlorella grower.

exposure. Chlorella reduces the damage they cause.

Chlorella’s antioxidant properties may counter age-related disruption of the functioning of body cells at a DNA level. Ageing is essentially

Detoxification: Environmental toxins, like heavy

metals in pesticides, medications, water and dental products, are a major source of inflammatory triggers. Chlorella has

a gradual process of accumulated damage


ISSUE 66 • 2023

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