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to other health concerns that interfere with the quality of your life. What causes it? Constipation occurs when the stool moves too slowly through the colon, causing too much water to be absorbed from the stool in transit. This leaves the stool hard, dry, and lacking the lubrication to make its way through the colon. Other common causes of constipation include a diet low in fibre, lack of physical activity, dehydration and certain medications. These factors can cause a detrimental shift in the balance of gut bacteria and the microbiome that is also linked to constipation. Pregnancy, menopause, older age, functional gut disorders, and changes to work and travel routines will all potentially

your intake of refined and over-processed foods, while also increasing your intake of prebiotic dietary fibre obtained from fruit, vegetables, and whole grains. If you are unable to increase your fibre intake from dietary changes, try a supplement. Synbiotics are a powerful new diet-based strategy which can play an important role in solving the problem of constipation. Synbiotics combine the synergy of prebiotic fibres and probiotics to provide a unique path to healthier digestion, regular bowel movements and increased diversity within the gut microbe population. Based on the latest research into the gut microbiome and synbiotic ingredients, Health Food Symmetry Ltd has introduced KfibrePro Dietary Constipation Support. KfibrePro Dietary Constipation Support is a prebiotic and probiotic blend scientifically formulated by a team of IBS dietitians, to help assist bowel regularity, ease diet- caused constipation and promote beneficial changes to the microbiome that normalise gut health and function.

The KfibrePro difference The product is gluten-free and Monash Low FODMAP-certified. It contains clinically proven prebiotics and probiotics to improve digestive function and nutrient absorption. The primary actives in KfibrePro include: Kfibre ® virgin sugarcane fibre prebiotic, to assist with bowel regularity, healthy bowel function and digestive health; Bacillus coagulans , for relief of symptoms associated with diet-caused constipation and to support bowel regularity; and whole green kiwifruit powder to support normal bowel function.

affect bowel movements. How is it treated?

Simple lifestyle changes are a very good first step: a healthy diet with plenty of fluids and fibre; regular exercise; and reducing

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