Crest Ink - Volume 31 - Number 01

Happy 30th Birthday to the Crest Ink! We not only have several employees celebrating 30 years of employment, but we also need to recognize our Crest Ink newsletter for its 30th year at Crest Foods! Many years ago, actually 1988, the idea was born that Crest Foods needed a newsletter so its employees could get a feel for what our company was; what other departments were all about; what our ‘Crest Family’ was up to and as a way to connect employees and departments across our company. What began as a few pages, printed on plain paper, has evolved into what you see today. We have come a long way from typing articles and using old fashioned printed photos to sending off an electronic file with electronic photos to a printer for professional printing. The Crest Ink staff has always consisted of a few people who keep up with the pulse of Crest Foods by making notes of events to cover in the next issue of the Crest Ink and a few willing souls to write articles and contributions from our employees. There are still two original ‘staff ’ of the Crest Ink who have had a hand in each issue and that is Jeff Meiners, and I am happy to say, myself. I, personally, almost feel like a mom watching her baby grow up. In its infancy, the Ink was pretty basic and evolving. As time went on we started to develop a little personality, you know, those teenage years, and from there we grew into young adult hood and are now mature but still growing. The Ink is something we all can be proud of because it takes our employees to have a newsletter. When we first started, as I mentioned, we typed the articles and then had to take those over to the Ashton Gazette newspaper right here in town. From there we used large graph paper and had to actually cut the pages of typed ar- ticles into different sizes. These were then laid on the graph paper to fit within a specific size format along with the pictures. Sometimes we had to re-cut articles and move them around on the graph paper until the pictures and printed words all fit within the page. From this a ‘plate’ was made of the page and this plate was used in the print- ing press to print out the newsletter. Currently, we put out 4 issues a year, mailing out over 1200 issues each time that now go to all employees, custom- ers and suppliers We hope you all enjoy the Crest Ink as much as we do! The Crest Ink - Then and Now by Cheri Kemp

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