Crest Ink - Volume 31 - Number 01

Editor’s Note: Thirty years seems to come as a surprise to many of our employees when they reach that milestone. They are amazed that their time here has really reached and surpassed 30 years. Our eleven inductees this year will each have $500 donated to a chari- table organization of their choosing as well as a brick that will grace the front of our main plant office area with their name and the year their employment started with Crest Foods. Congratulations to each of them. Please enjoy their stories below: 30 Year Club by Cheri Kemp Becky Henson (Analytical Lab QA Coordinator) I came to Crest at the height of a blistering hot summer, so working in air conditioned comfort was very appealing to me. It was the late 80’s and the job market was very tight. Back then we went through a company called Corporate Services, a temporary agency before Manpower. I still re- member the first time I came in the front door near where the receptionist, Paulette, was at that time. Crest had been running a Kool-Aid-type product and everything smelled like a mix of grapes, cake mix, and cheese sauce. To this day when I go through that door I still get a whiff of that aroma and it takes me right back to that first day. My first night on 2nd shift was a challenge, working on the line packing heavy brownie mix. My back and feet were killing me and my trainer did her best to get me up to speed, because the next night I was on my own. Through my misery I saw a girl walking around with a basket collecting samples and I thought, boy that is the job I want. Six months later I got my first position as a Line Weigher in the QA Department and have been in QA ever since. My first 7 years were spent on 2nd shift, which is a very special and unique environment tending to lean towards a younger demographic. We were all a very close knit group, almost like family. Back then everything was all under one roof, mixers, dumpers, production, and some warehousing. We worked well together and also had a lot of fun together outside of work, especially Thursday nights after the checks were handed out. I forged a lot of strong friendships in those years that have lasted to this day. Once my kids were in school all day I applied for an opening at the North Lab and that is where I have spent the rest of my years. Who knew- all those years ago, I came for a job and found a career. Brent Warner (Set Up Manager) My first years at Crest started as a Line Mechanic. Crest had just purchased their first Hayssen vertical bagger. Seeking direction in my life I chose to leave Crest to pursue Mission work and Discipleship Training School. I then returned doing “set-up” work with Kim Gallagher and Frank Zittle. Our work load was very demanding and hectic, so I decided to leave for “greener pastures”. But it wasn’t quite what I expected and Crest welcomed me back and shortly thereafter I became Set-up Manager. My years at Crest have taught me many things professionally and about myself: 1) Strive to do things right. 2) Strive to be positive. 3) Strive to be honest in all situations. 4) Don’t partici- pate in slander. 5) “Put myself in your shoes” to give a different perspective on situations. There are many things that I appreciate about Crest and one of them is the freedom that Crest offers to be creative. We are involved in a very interesting business with many moving parts and challenging situations. Thank you for my years at Crest. Brian Dvorak (Karlin Warehouse Lead) When Crest had their flood in the spring of 1988 they posted signs about needing people to help with cleanup. I can’t remember how much I helped but I remember what I saw and it was unbelievable. A short time after that I was walking home one day and a family friend, Neil Henert, stopped and offered me a ride. We were talking about families and he asked me when was I going to start one. I told him I needed benefits and he explained what Crest had to offer. I thought about it and the next day I went to see Neil and he hired me on the spot. Other than a brief work stint at the plant, I have always worked in the warehouse one way or another. It has been a roller coaster ride at the warehouse and technology has proven to be a major factor with the personnel. Memories? There have been a lot! Probably the one that sticks out is when Marshall Girton accidently hit a sprinkler system water pipe. He was screaming into the walkie-talkie but no one could understand him, and water was spraying everywhere…it wasn’t amusing at the time but looking back it definitely was a memory!

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