Crest Ink - Volume 31 - Number 01

Jeff Friday (QA Compliance Manager) Needless to say when I started at Crest Foods I had no concept of 30 years, since I had not yet even been alive for 30 years, nor did I think that I would be here for 30 years. I just thought it was odd to talk about my 10 year trip, when it was still 10 years away… Today, it seems like blocks of 10 years go rolling by at an alarmingly faster and faster pace. It’s even more sobering to realize that my first Crest Foods experience, as a student worker, was nearly 10 years before I started my last 30! During my earliest days, as a student, I worked as a Mix Helper with Lead Mixer Ray O’Dell and later did all of B-Shift Sanitation, by myself, as an after school job. I also worked one summer in the Ingredient Division Produc- tion Department in the basement of the North Building on Main Street, where the Fitness Center is today. How ever, the most vivid memories have always been the people. I remember Jerry Waters being an “old-timer”, even way back then, the quirkiness of Bernie Hillers, and Kim Gallagher was a recent hire with that long-haired hippie look going for him. Jay Meiners was a good guy, but seemed really intimidating. I got along with Dick Moeller because I raked his yard, mowed his grass and waxed his boat. Carmen Quadraro thought I worked too fast and Norbert Dunkel had the wildest stories about World War II. I could go on, because the list was huge: Jan Warner, Ken & Nancy Fischbach, Mike Fichter, Bob Maronde and many more employees, on which today’s success has been built… Certainly there was no shortage of colorful stories, crazy antics and memorable people. The good news, from my student experience, was that apparently I didn’t do anything to prevent me from be- ing hired back as a full time employee in October of 1988. Back then, the Payroll Department was just one per- son… me. DeLyle Pfoutz worked with me for a couple weeks before she quit. I think she had enough of doing payroll and was ready to give it up. After my first solo week of payroll I thought I had enough as well. None the less, I persevered and was subsequently glad that I had done so. The company grew and the Payroll Department expanded into the HR Department. I have since moved out of HR to develop the compliance function within the Packaging Division Quality Assurance Department. Over the years I have learned the importance of performing tasks with diligence, persistence and patience. Things do not always change quickly or in the way of my choosing, but things do change and opportunities are presented. I am thankful to God and grateful to Crest Foods for help- ing me provide for my family and for seeing potential in my career when many times I was unsure of myself. It’s been a great ride so far, not to mention “another brick in the wall” and I hope I’ve got many good years left to give. Teri Wolber (Ingredient Division Customer Service) I would not be a 30 year Crest employee if it wasn’t for Stephanie Quinton. Stephanie approached me 30 years ago (she was neighbors with my parents) and asked if I was content at my current job, and if not, would I be interested in applying at Crest Foods? The rest is history. I have been in the Customer Service area all 30+ years and it has been a wonderful experience. Working with the customers, sales reps and co-workers is the best part! I’ve made a lot of friends and have stayed in touch with several of the contacts I’ve worked with, after they left their position. I look forward to seeing what the next decade brings. Frank Malston (Preventative Maintenance Mechanic C) In my 30 years at Crest Foods I met a lot of strange and wonderful people. The things that stand out the most are when my wife and I needed major surgery. Crest Foods saved both our lives. Thank you all so much. Mark Fichter (Preventative Maintenance Mechanic C) Way back when, a former employee named Jason Anderson, was tasked with the job of creating a Sanitation team. Mark was part of that startup working on the third shift Sanitation crew. Over the years, remaining on third shift, Mark transitioned into the Maintenance Department as a Preventive Mechanic. A lot happens behind the scenes on this shift as Mark and fellow employees get our equipment in tip top shape and ready to roll for the day.

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