Crest Ink - Volume 31 - Number 01

Bill Henry (Warehouse A) Bill works in our warehouse where he spends a lot of time on a forklift picking stock orders for our trucks. Over the 30 years he has been here he has been a Dumper, Weigher, Lead Mixer and then to the dock in town. The last 20 years have been spent in our West Warehouse as a Stock Picker and pallet sorter. Rick Karper (Line Mechanic A) I made my way to Crest Foods 30 years ago after being laid off from the Byron Nuclear plant. I was off work for a few months from the Nuclear plant when my mother decided I needed to find something to do so she talked to Dick Moeller at Crest Foods and said “my son needs a job”. When I came to talk to Dick, he told me he was no longer in charge of maintenance so couldn’t help me but I told him “My mom said you could get me a job”. That lead to an introduction to Chuck Pfoutz who was in charge of Maintenance and he decided to hire me. For the first few years, because I was the bottom man, I was bounced around between 2nd and 3rd shift for Preventive Maintenance and Set-Up. The last 13 or 14 years I have been on first shift as a Line Mechanic. I remember on my 20th anniversary, when Jeff Meiners gave me my 20 year ring. I said “Jeff, I am just here until something better comes along”. And now I am getting my 30 year brick in the wall! Gerry Temmen (Forklift A) How did I end up at Crest Foods? Well, I had been working for a cattle farmer north of Sterling and they let me go right before Thanksgiving, leaving me without a job. I applied at Corporate Services (a temporary service agency) and they sent me here where I was eventually hired on direct to Crest Foods. I worked in Mix initially then was back and forth between Mix and Production and Dumping. I dumped a lot of Kool Aide and flavored coffee’s during that time. I have now been in the Warehouse for many years and I met my wife of almost 30 years here at Crest. And when our granddaughter, Ali, got sick with Tay Sachs disease…the Meiners family…well you could not ask for better people. My Ten Year Trip by Nathan Tippie (Ingredient Division Sales)

I used my ten year trip to continue a tradition that my friends and I started 9 years ago. We are all fans of college football and decided 9 years ago to that we wanted to start traveling and experiencing college football around the country. Every year, we take a look at the college football schedule and find a game and a destination that we find interesting. This year we decided to travel to Phoenix, Arizona, to take in two Pac 12 football games. On Friday, we traveled to Tuscan to watch the Arizona Wildcats defeat the Colorado Buffalos in a close game. Then the next day, we traveled to Tempe to watch the Arizona State Sun Devils defeat the Utah Utes in another exciting game. The rest of the trip, we just relaxed around the pool and palm trees and enjoyed the nice weather. I would like to thank Crest Foods for giving us the opportunity to continue our college football tradition.

January, February & March 2019 Crest Ink 9

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