2023 GRS Product Catalog

Mike Dubber Fixture Set • Designed by FEGA Master Engraver Mike Dubber • Provides great workholding solutions for parts of the Single Action Army Revolver

003-726 Complete Set $979.25

Includes Barrel and Cylinder Holder, Horizontal Scribe Holder, Vertical Scribe Holder, Backstrap Holding Plates, Ejector Tube Holder, Hammer Holder with Extra Aluminum Jaw Set, Trigger Guard Holder, Screw Holder, Loading Gate Stabilizer, Frame Bracket Holders, Heavy Spring, Hex Wrench Set, Carbide and Stainless Steel Scribes, and Storage Tray.

003-725 SAA Fixture Set without Barrel Fixture $549.75

003-715 SAA Barrel Fixture $443.75



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