2021 GRS Product Catalog

#003-698 Workholding Plate Assembly $47.40

• Designed to hold work without damage • Use with modeling clay or Thermo-Loc • Perfect for detailing thin, light pieces • Clamps securely in vise jaws

#011-476 BPE Hobo Nickel Kit $26.20 • Securely hold nickles in the vise jaws • Easily mask common areas to keep them intact • Protect finished nickels with storage cases

#011-479 BPE Hobo Nickel Case $3.10

Single case. Nickel not included.

#004-699 Scope Ring Fixture $74.95

• Securely holds rifle scope rings from the inside • Fits 1” and 30 mm inner-diameter scope rings • Similar to the Horizontal Ring Holder (#004-679)

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