2024 GRS Product Catalog


OPTIONAL MOUNTING ADAPTER Add a sturdy, stable mounting surface to curved or thin bench tops for attaching the Fixed Mounting Plate. + add on items


Attach directly to the front of a thick bench. On thinner benches use the Optional Mounting Adapter.

004-559 $55.75

004-557 $33.50

ADJUSTABLE HEIGHT BRACKET AND FIXED MOUNTING PLATE KIT Adds 4” to work support Adjustable in 1/2” increments

004-666 $78.75

STANDARD BLOCK SHELF Recommended for use with the Standard Block, MicroBlock, and MicroBlock XL

LARGE BLOCK SHELF AND ADJUSTABLE HEIGHT BRACKET KIT Uses fixed mounting plate to hold a vise below the front of a bench Allows the vise to be the same height as a bench pin Provides a secure, sturdy surface for workholding Secure surface for mounting a turntable

BENCH PIN KIT Slides on and off a Fixed Mounting Plate

004-578 $79.75

004-556 $49.00

BLOCK VISE SHELF SUPPORT Adds stability to reduce vibration when using a Block Shelf

004-665 $132.75

003-649 $98.00


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