2021 GRS Product Catalog

BenchMate ® & Jewelry Tools

engraved practice plate by Sergej Manaenko with stone setting by Nadja ihsen

BenchMate Encore ® QC Fixtures

• Ideal for stone setting, small engravings, and precision work • Great for use with or without microscope • High-quality material is durable and well made

004-716 Wood Block $48.00

004-714 Pitch Cup $48.00

• Ideal for gluing work in place

004-879 Pin Vise $240.00

• FIlled with pitch that softens when heated • Hold fragile, small, or irregular pieces 004-713 Pitch Cup without Pitch $40.00 • Great for Thermo- Loc, pitch, or other workholding material

004-877 Horizontal I.D. Ring Holder $85.00

• Features a self- centering jaw system

004-878 Vertical I.D. Ring Holder $80.00

• Holds ring

securely from the inside

• Vertical form for easy access to the sides of rings Includes Vertical I.D. Ring Holder and 10 Mandrels.

024-213 BenchMate ® QC Storage Strip $16.00 • Storage solution for all BenchMate QC Fixtures

Includes Vertical I.D. Ring Holder and 10 Mandrels.

004-845 BenchMate ® Retrofit Kit $150.00

004-558 Extra Plastic Jaws $11.00

• Upgrade your GRS Original BenchMate for QC fixture compatibility

For use with the BenchMate. Package of ten plastic jaws.


BENCHMATE ench ate & Jewelry Tools

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